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John Francis - Juan Francisco




(médium - místico - pastor)

Afraid of Dying?

There is no death, 

only the gradual letting go

of attachment to

the physical body

the story

about your life

and return to your true form

of Eternal Life

as  Spirit!

John is an Irishman living in Campello, Spain  and Dublin, Ireland with his Spanish wife and 3kids.

He is an expert on reading energy, psychic and spiritual development.

He also does sessions for your spiritual life, counselling, massage, healing and 1-1s.

1-1 Counselling (1h €50)

Sometimes just talking about your problems with an empathic listener can help to shift your attitude to life

Spiritual Counselling (1h €50)

If you are on a spiritual journey or would like to develop more then let me be your Spiritual Guide

Massage (1h €40)

A Great way to relieve stress in the body, relax the muscles and achieve deep peace.

Energy Healing, Reiki (1h €40)

A Powerful way to access deep healing and release unconscious issues and negativity

Tarot Psychic Medium (30 mins €40)

Want to know your future and connect with your loved ones who have died?

1-1 Mindfulness Sessions (1h €50)

Learn to practice mindfulness & meditation with ease and support

John & Maria Jesus are now working as celebrants.

John is an Interfaith Minister and with his wife Maria Jesus offer weddings, funerals and baby blessings in English and Spanish.

(Other languages also available)

If you would like to find out more or design your ceremony then contact us now.

We also offer marriage support, grief support and counselling for all couples.

SEN Centro Holístico. C./ Valencia ,14. El Campello 00 34 680 197 239